Why Ceiling Fan Blades are So Important

Quality is usually the main recommendation when it comes to consumerism and referrals. To create exceptional products with actual purpose relies on more than the functionality and the appearance of the product. Sometimes it’s the things that we think about last on an item that end up being one of the most important aspects. In this case, I am talking about the fan blades. We see them and we know their purpose, but there is not much to wonder about other than the duty of periodically cleaning them. So what makes these fan blades so special? Our fan blades are more than meets the eye. 


The specs of these blades range from different sizes to fit the needs of different sized rooms. The blades of the Icebreaker series extend a reach of 52”, 56”, and even up to an impressive 60”. Lengthy fan blades might seem like they would be heavy and cause the fan to wobble as it revolves, though these fan blades are made of a lightweight high quality plywood. Included in the Icebreaker series is a ultralight, durable polycarbonate fan blade that is clear, truly living up to its name!  

Home design usually has style in mind while functionality coincides with practicality. Allowing customers the freedom to customize their Smart Fans while transitioning to a smart home gives them a feeling of control over their purchase. The wood themed fan blades differentiate from each other by having unique wood grain textures. The polycarbonate fan blades come in black, white, and even clear. The variety of fan blades included in our catalog broadens the horizon on smart home design. If you wanted to buy an extra set of blades for interchangeably, extra blades can also be purchased separately. Who said smart has to be boring?


Dust accumulates on traditional fan blades so quickly that it can become a chore added to the to-do list quite often. It can also be a tedious task that a percentage of homeowners cannot often do on their own. This is why our fan blades are sealed with an anti-static and anti-dust coating enabling a longer lasting clean. This is a spec that really resonates with customers when they learn about it, making it a great selling point. 

High quality and lightweight material, multiple options for color and patterns, and the anti-dust and anti-static fan blades of Carro’s Smart Fan make it a great addition to any home. Visit our product section to preview all of the smart fan designs and check availability.
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