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Modern design has been around for quite some time, yet it has never remained in any set timeline. The description of modern is simply meant to describe the looks of certain decor or designs that maintain a simple and sleek appearance. Reducing clutter and open spaces also helps define the modern appearances of your home. Another defining feature of modern design is that functionality as well as form is just as important. That is why modern designs and smart home technology pair so well. Smart technology has impacted the modernly designed home in many different ways that prioritizes convenience and functionality, ultimately improving the comfort of a modern themed home. If you are looking for ways to make your home appear more modern, then read on for some inspiration!

Homes with open spaces are perfect subjects for modern themed furniture and decor. Keeping the environment simple and function focused helps reduce the need for the volume of ‘stuff’ that can accumulate. Even though that might make these homes look like they’re less lived in, it actually makes it easier to be happy within your home. For one, it will take less time to tidy up when guests are expected. When organization is simplified, surfaces can be the main focus for cleaning. This allows you more time to prepare for other parts of your evening that you might have planned. Two, adding functionality to home devices can improve the accessibility and therefore make it more comfortable for yourself. For example, home automated appliances such as our Smart Home Ceiling Fans can be programmed to take command from your voice using smart devices. So if you’re making meatballs, and the oven is making you hot in your kitchen you can ask Alexa to turn your Icebreaker Smart Fan up to full speed. The open spaces improve the effectiveness of our powerful fans, so you would be able to feel that breeze from the living room so long as the space is open. 

Less is more when it comes to modern designs, limiting your home decor to smaller and simpler pieces can greatly increase the feeling of having a larger home. Using mirrors as decor really helps create the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is. In order to maintain this clutter-free appearance, stick to fewer wall accents and rely on the mirror to imitate having more than you actually do. When placed properly, mirrors can add more lighting naturally in other parts of the house, adding brightness and depth. If your dining room area is small, try a mirror mural to take advantage of the space increasing illusion. Style and placement of mirrors in modern decor matters, when choosing style, try to think of the other pieces in your home that  you are using to make the theme decor appear modern.

Silver, black, and white are common modern home theme colors that are often accented with different shades of wood grain. Using wood in your modern decor is a way of making the home feel more natural. It brings warmth and texture along with a comfortable feeling of coziness. Another element of the earth brought into modern design is often stones. Both can be implemented on the walls or ceiling, especially hard wood ceilings bring on a modern look that is also unique. Using stone for bathroom walls can create a rich and luxurious environment. Choosing furnishings and storage units that are made of darker wood grains can also create this warm, and inviting, rich appeal. Both are easily implemented into modern decor and do not need to be excessive. Stick to colors that match closely to your chosen colors or have a complimenting contrast when placed close to each other. 

Last is to choose products that are functional and can easily fall into the category of modern. Smart technology makes it easy as most products come in the three colors discussed above, and are sleek in appearance. A perfect example is the Cresta Smart Ceiling Fan that is new in our collection. Find things that resemble your decor and try to maintain a consistent theme with the colors. Finding products that are not necessarily smart devices also matter in terms of functionality. Such as multifunctional furniture, couches that can fold out or be modified to allow people to rest or seat more people. Desks and tables that fold upwards onto the walls to allow more walking space in smaller areas. Many things can be transformed into modern and functional items so it is important to figure out what you would use the most and which would supply the greatest impact on your modern lifestyle.

These are just a few tips we have for designing with modern in mind. Feel free to explore the other products in our catalog to see what else you can find that might interest you. Happy Designing!

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