The Black Gold of Decor

The color black has the power to create sophisticated and elegant settings while the color gold can instill value and success when incorporated into home design. The combination of the two colors can have a powerful effect on the overall ambience of the room. Separately the colors can still heavily impact the way the room feels. Depending on the type of mood you want to inspire when you collaborate these two colors, you can choose to incorporate whichever caters to your overall purpose of the room. Let’s get into more of what the colors can represent or stimulate when they’re used specifically in decor or design. 

Starting with black, it is a color commonly associated with words that may have a negative connotation in literature or filmography and can have a more positive effect when used in decorating because of its high contrast against any complementary colors. Black can symbolize strength, wisdom, and mystery however according to experts in Chinese Feng Shui decorating too much black can become a source of depression. Regardless of that theory, black can have a grounding effect if used in the right proportions, and can accentuate parts of the room or elements that we want the eye to be drawn to. For example, a room with too many colors can be tamed with light elements of black because of its grounding effect. 

If we continue on the route of Feng Shui, black is a color associated with the North sector of your home along with blue which ties into the element of water. This is the perfect color to include in the decor of dens or offices if they happen to be in the Northern sector of your home, and it is recommended to avoid using it in kitchens or bedrooms. Painting the North wall of any room you wish to decorate with black will be acceptable in the art of Feng Shui. Try to add dimension to avoid a flat black wall which can counteract the motive for the black themed decor, like wainscoting or crown molding for some architectural details. This can help make small spaces stand out because it can eliminate the room lines and makes other objects stand out. 

Now what happens when you combine black with color? Choosing the right color for the room also goes along with what the purpose of the room will be. Let’s move our attention to the color gold. Gold can sit very nicely next to black in terms of decor. Gold can raise the richness of a room with simply a few accents here and there, and that is because it represents the precious metal that we naturally associate with wealth and prosperity. It is a warm and inviting color that can make guests feel welcomed as well, and does well in rooms where people often gather.  

Gold in terms of Feng Shui has the opportunity to be a bit more flexible as far as placement in the sectors of your home. Since it is relatable to both metal and earth, you can focus golden hues in the center of your home or in the south east sectors. It is recommended to use gold as a centerpiece for the main focus of a room with some smaller accents to avoid overuse of the color. This works perfectly in dominantly monochrome themed decor, and gold is a perfect stand out in these situations.   

If you are adding black or gold as an accent, using objects like desks, pedestals, and more can be very influential to the design. Any of these: Animal statues or figurines, candlesticks, boxes, vases, lamps, bowls, trays, sculptures, or glass objects can help bring the two colors together in harmony. The combinations of black and gold are endless and can create timeless elegant displays, this is why we have included the black and gold pairing of colors into the designs of our ceiling fans and a few of our best sellers derived from the combo with more models to come in the near future. Now that you know what made the black and gold coupling so trendy, how will you use this knowledge for your designs?   
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