Unique Marble Pattern Finish Fan Blades

Refresh Your Home Decor - Unique Marble Pattern Finish Fan Blades

‘Marble-Marvelous’ Unique Fan Blade Finish

Take a moment and imagine yourself walking into a home. You probably immediately dream up something familiar, or maybe even a home you wish you had. Focus on parts of the home that don’t normally attract a lot of attention in terms of detail or design. Let’s think about its ceiling, maybe it’s bare, maybe there’s a chandelier. Perhaps a ceiling fan, but most of us don’t imagine them being too decorative and commonly ceiling fans are white, or brown with a wood grain finish. This style may work in more traditionally decorated homes, though the aesthetics of today don’t really fall into what is considered ‘traditional’ anymore. Homes are leaning more towards smart technology and more modern designs. 

There is a style in particular that has a timeless appeal: marble has always been a core aesthetic of most professional home designers. It can easily be incorporated into a lot of decor. That is why Carro USA is one of the firsts to produce this unique design of a Smart Fan with five white marble patterned fan blades. Let’s say that you want to add this fan into your home, ​The Carro Explorer Smart Ceiling Fan series in Marble pattern finish​, though you do not have enough marble accents to bring the room together. We can explore options that can help tie in this visually pleasing Smart Fan into any room.


First, how about we explore why marble has become such a timeless aesthetic in home decor and design. What exactly attracts the eye to marble? Marble has been used in design for over thousands of years long before ancient Greece and Rome who popularized it purely because of its beauty caused by the different minerals that determine the color of the stone and versatility of its durability that allows it to be used in structural design. In today’s design, marble is widely used for countertops, perhaps the most familiar use of the stone. Due to its properties, every countertop is unique which is another reason it is desired. Marble has also been said to be a symbol of immortality and purity. Visually these are great reasons to include marble in your home decor. So, a ceiling fan with a marble design, that is clearly unheard of if you are imaging these heavy marble countertops mentioned above. Don’t worry, this ceiling fan still has lightweight blades made of an extremely strong and durable plywood to provide a quiet experience. 

What if your home lacks the marble countertops and you still want to include this in your home’s decor? That’s easy. This task includes finding the right pieces to match and pull the room together. Whether it be proper color coordination of upholstery with a few marble statues or figurines on some white or gray shelving, there is always a way to bring marble patterns into your home. I am a proud owner of marble patterned fleece blankets that create an intense feeling of luxury when I drape the throw over the gray tone couches. Simple touches like this can easily make that dream of a luxurious room with this fan in mind a reality.  Contemporary marble statues in various shapes and sizes, or maybe even a figure of something you are passionate about, for example let’s say horses. Finding statues or pieces that you can decorate your home with that match the fan is a great way to bring it all together. Marble-stained pottery or even paintings are another way to add marble into your decor. Most of these items can be found at local discount shops if you’re DIYing on a budget. 

So now that you know the history of marble and some ways to include it in your home design, now is the time to invest in the smart technology that completes the luxurious feel at a great price. Take another look at The Carro Explorer Smart Ceiling Fan in marble pattern finish the energy saving smart fan that can be controlled via Carrohome App or with your voice. Enjoy this marble-marvelous trend!

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