Back to School w/ ENERGY STAR ® Certified Products

It’s that time of the year when all of our students of all ages are returning to school and college. During these Covid times a lot of students are still studying outside of the classroom. This is the time to make sure that your students (or yourself as a student) can study and learn in a comfortable environment. Having the right tools, furniture, or appliances, can help set the student up for success by removing any discomfort that may occur.

While most of the students will start the new school year in the last two months of summer, the heat may still be intense enough to divert focus from learning and onto the unbearable heat. One way that works for a situation like this is by investing in some sort of air conditioning or air circulation unit that can remove this discomfort. However, if you are trying to save money in this instance, it might be wise to look into ENERGY STAR ® certified appliances. That is why we are here to show you the benefits of our very own certified Smart Ceiling Fans and how they can help a student or yourself during this back to school season.

First and foremost meet the collection of certified models displayed on ENERGY STAR ® website. Since the model advertised there is our best selling Smart Ceiling Fan, the Icebreaker, let’s dive into the details on why it can be the ultimate tool for the success of students. Firstly, it can handle up to ten speeds without a sound, in fact even the operating beeping sound can be silenced by holding the nature button on the remote.

Sometimes getting up from your place of study can break the focus, which is why having appliances that can only be controlled manually at a distance is not ideal. That is why choosing fans like our smart ceiling fans gives the student the advantage over other ac units. These fans can be controlled via voice using smart devices or through an app on the phone. The student never has to leave their place of study to change the settings on the fan. This convenience can really help maintain the focus. 

Then there is the lighting, the LED kits in these fans can be either warm and soft or cool and bright and even a combination of the two settings for a more neutral light. It has been proven that blue light can improve focus, therefore the cool bright light setting will be able to improve the success of the student. All of these settings can be accessed through the app and customized phrases. 

These energy saving fans are the perfect choice for your back to school students, or yourself if you are looking for an efficient source of cooling to help you focus on your studies or career. Find your ideal model today!

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