Energy Star
Carro USA Inc. is a manufacturer of Smart Home Technology enabled appliances such as smart ceiling fans, smart switches, and lighting products. For nearly 20 years Carro USA has been dedicated to producing high quality products, particularly energy-efficient products, deeply committed to carbon-reduction efforts. Carro USA is invested in having our ceiling fans Energy Star certified and fully compliant. Carro solar products range from portable solar DC systems, rechargeable fans, and solar fans. Our products can be used with solar systems, eliminating the need of an inverter, connected directly to solar panels or batteries. This unique feature enables our products to be used as a reliable and convenient power source for travel, camping, school dormitories, emergency power during a power outage, and very useful for regions without a reliable power supply. Carro solar products are especially popular in countries and regions with weak AC power supply systems. Carro solar products are widely used in remote villages in regions like the Middle East and Africa with no available city power and extremely high temperatures. We thrive and strive continuously to manufacture products that harness green power to promote a clean energy future.