LED lighting

LED lighting was invented back in the 1950s however the first LED light bulb was first invented in 1962! Interesting! It seems like only recently they have been making their way into almost everything we use on a daily basis such as phones, tvs, lighting, and more! The first use of Light Emitting Diodes was first implemented in playing music, for reading the record on a record player. Then a General Electric scientist, Nick Holonyak Jr who was 33 at the time, invented the first ever LED light bulb. It was only in 2008 when LED lighting became the favored choice for schools, hospitals, and office use. Fast forward eight years later, now LED lighting is the most popular choice for all lighting and more. Pushing halogen and fluorescent lighting sources aside making them a thing of the past. And for good reasons! 

One really good reason the world is pushing LED lights as the main lighting source is their long lasting lifespan. Most LED lights can last up to 50k hours.That’s about 50 times longer than most incandescent light bulbs, around 20-25 times longer than most halogen light bulbs, and about 8-10 times longer than most CFL. This reduces wastes and reduces the use of harmful chemicals, toxins, and materials used in most traditional forms of lighting. This also benefits energy bills as the amount of energy consumed by LED lighting is significantly less and they produce more lumens per watt than other sources of lighting.   

LED lighting comes in many different varieties nowadays as well. Some can be paired to your phone and controlled through Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri Shortcuts much like the Smart Ceiling Fans with LED light kits we carry here at Carro USA. There are also some that come with the ability to change colors beyond the usual cool white or warm temperature lighting. One other neat feature of LED light bulbs is that there are dimmable options as well. The LED kits in our smart ceiling fans have this dimming feature, and are also capable of three different light temperatures. 

The versatility of LED light bulbs has taken the world by storm, and that is why we use them in our Smart Ceiling Fans. Their long lasting life and their essential flexibility in features makes them a great asset for the future of home technologies. What do you think of switching your home over to these newer, and less expensive lighting choices?

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