Saving Summer Dollars

High heat forces us to seek relief in many forms whether it be swimming pools, beachy adventures, air conditioning units, or simply a fan oscillating in the room. As rising temperatures occur it can deter people from enjoying the outdoors, and instead finding refuge from the hot weather by staying home. The unfortunate side effect of this relief can be the unsightly costs of electricity used during peak season of hot temperatures. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to save money on electricity during the scorching months of summer without feeling burned.

Investing in home automated products is the first step to saving money in the peak season of summer. Finding the right products that fit your budget is key, and our recommendation is purchasing an ENERGY STAR® rated appliance, which Carro USA happens to have many smart ceiling fan options that are ENERGY STAR® rated. The rating means that these products are guaranteed to save money on your electric bill and be a part of protecting the environment. The fans can be programmed with timers to help conserve energy and do not use as much electricity as traditional ceiling fans. Since these fans are smart devices, they can be controlled through smartphones and that means they can be controlled from away from home. So if you forget to turn off the fan when you leave, you’ll still be able to turn off your fan with ease. The accessibility of Carro Smart fans is a great way to conserve energy and save money on your electric bill. 

Another great tip would be to invest in room darkening drapes and window blinds that are designed to block out the sun. Keeping the sun beams out of the house prevents the temperature from rising above comfortable levels. They are proven to keep rooms that they are installed in at least 25% cooler during the summer months, and also keep rooms warmer in the winter months as well, so they are good to use all year round. 

Taking advantage of your home's natural ventilation is also a good way to cut costs on hot summer days. If you catch a breeze outside, turn on your smart fan and open the windows to allow air flow throughout the house. Homes can feel like an oven with stagnant airflow, so giving way to the open air can refresh the home and it helps to prevent mold and humidity from forming. On top of that, airing out the house can eliminate foul odors and also let out the excess carbon dioxide. Save money on electricity and clear the air at the same time. 

Lastly, make sure that your home is thoroughly insulated and the air conditioning vents are clean and clear of debris. Changing out your air filter regularly also lets your ac unit function at its optimal performance. Try to keep your use of the air conditioner as minimal as possible, or focus the usage in the later hours of the day when most members of the household tend to be home to enjoy the air conditioning. For pets, invest in cooling gel mats that can relieve them from the heat as it tends to affect them more than people.  

Now that you know a few ways to help cut down costs, take a look at our available smart fans that can help you save money on your next bill.
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