The Hidden Health Benefits of Ceiling Fans

In months of high temperatures it is important to consider ceiling fans as an essential, basic need. There are many benefits that come with ceiling fans that built their popularity today and the health related benefits are unbeknownst to most. In this blog we will go over many of the health benefits that ceiling fans are able to deliver. Let’s start with some of the risks high temperatures can cause.

The dangers of overheating start with heat rash from excessive sweating, fatigue, dehydration, and hyperthermia are increased when the temperatures outside start to riseand it becomes more difficult to maintain a healthy body temperature. When your body is working too hard to remain cool it can cause fatigue, making you become tired more quickly. Your body can lose salient minerals your body needs through excessive sweating which could therefore compromise your immune system. Sweating can also dehydrate your body too quickly. It can affect your organs, cause kidney stones and cholesterol problems. Constipation, liver, joint and muscle damage are also risk factors of dehydration.. 

Ceiling fans move the stagnant air around the surface of the body and therefore cool the skin. This can help maintain body temperature and reduce the risks above, and also aid in healthier sleep. The better the quality of sleep you get each night heavily affects your immune system and can help prevent you from getting sick. The use of a fan during sleep can improve the quality of the sleep you get and therefore boost your immunity. However, it is most ideal to remain a safe distance from fans when we sleep to avoid the direct airflow because it can have a counter effect if you are sleeping too close. It is best to sleep about 3 feet or more away from direct airflow of a fan. Carro USA’s Smart Ceiling Fans have a sleep wind pattern that is lower than the lowest setting allowing you to experience the healthy benefits of the fan. 

These health benefits also aid in your pet’s health, too if you have any that reside inside your home. Dogs and cats also benefit from the cooling effects of ceiling fans because they cannot sweat like people do. Leaving the fan on in areas where pets are kept will help them stay cool and reduce their risk of overheating or dehydration. With the Smart Ceiling Fans we carry you can set timers to help keep them cool and conserve energy. Our fans also carry the ENERGY STARⓇ rating, so it can help save you money on your electric bills. 

Now that you know the added health benefits of ceiling fans, what changes will you make to live a healthier lifestyle?    

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