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Carro USA has more products that earned ENERGY STAR® certification!

SPEZIA Smart Ceiling Fan >>,  ESPEAR Smart Ceiling Fan >>,   CRANSTON Smart Ceiling Fan >>,   WOODROW Smart Ceiling Fan >>,   TRENTO Smart Ceiling Fan >>,   FLETCHER Smart Ceiling Fan >>, and KAJ Smart Ceiling Fan >>   now are officially certified!

In our never-ending pursuit of excellence, we continuously improve our products’ features. One of our main focuses for enhancement is energy efficiency. We strive to manufacture energy efficient products and contribute to create a greener future. Obtaining ENERGY STAR Certification is one of our main steps towards meeting those goals.

® is the government-backed symbol for energy efficiency. They award certification to products, among them ceiling fans and ceiling fan light combination, that save energy and help protect the climate by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2019, ENERGY STAR® products helped save about 500 billion kilowatt-hours or nearly 390 million metric tons of greenhouse gases.1 To put that in perspective, that’s about 5% of what the US, the second biggest producer of greenhouse gases, emitted that year.1

All ENERGY STAR® certified products are rigorously tested and held to strict standards of energy efficiency. To this end, they employ an additional independent 3rd party laboratory. These 3rd party laboratories are accredited labs dedicated to applying a rigorous certification process mandated by EPA.2 EPA ensures that each product that earns the label is independently certified to deliver the efficiency performance and savings that consumers have come to expect.

It’s proven that ENERGY STAR certified homes are at least 10% more energy efficient than non-certified homes and achieve a 20% improvement on average while providing better quality, performance, and comfort to homeowners.


What are some features of ceiling fans that have earned the ENERGY STAR® certification?
- Are 60% more efficient than conventional fan/light units.
- Use improved motors and blade designs.
- Provide quality, cutting edge design, and the latest in efficient technology.
- Meet strict energy efficiency, quality, and performance criteria set by the US Environmental Protection Agency, tested by accredited labs, and certified by a third party.


What Carro products holds ENERGY STAR® certification?

Fletcher Smart Ceiling Fans>>  were the first Carro product to ever obtain ENERGY STAR® and was awarded Energy Star® Most Efficient product in 2020. Now, Carro can proudly boast many more ENERGY STAR® certifications such as, Spezia, Espear, Cranston, Woodrow, Trento and Kaj.  We continuously work to raise all our goods to the standard of Energy Star® Most Efficient products.

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2“Integrity Efforts.” ENERGY STAR.