Be Our Partner

Carro is a global company that has been up and rising in the world of Smart Home Technology for a few years now in the US, and is looking to continue that growth by partnering up with distributors who want to share the success of the Carro name. The steps Carro has taken to make successful partnerships work benefits both parties and overall the customers. What are those benefits of partnering with Carro, a hopeful distributor may ask? 

In the market of Smart Home Technology, an extremely competitive market, Carro offers Smart Ceiling Fans at a price lower than most competitors while delivering better designs. Carro has utilized the critique of customer feedback during the Kickstarter phase of the featured Smart Fan products. From there, they have been refined and manufactured with the customer’s best interests in mind. These fans are economically manufactured promising lower prices and better quality products that are also longer lasting. A lower price does not mean a sacrifice in the appearances of the products, as each series has its own unique look and feel that can fit with any aesthetic or decor. All of the fans' features are also very enticing to the target audience in the market to buy fans for their home or business. The appeal of these fans being sold at affordable prices resonates well with customers. 

The supply chain of our fans at Carro is extensive and kept well in stock. With the variety of fans, lamps, and accessories available you can keep a full stock of items in your shop at all times. Carry some of the best selling or all of the fans available at Carro to maximize profits. Even better, Carro offers drop shipping as an option to deliver the product directly to your customers, eliminating the need for your company to handle any packaging or shipping. In the case you do not have the ability to keep stock on hand, drop shipping is an amazing option for your company to just focus on the sales while Carro takes care of the rest. Another great reason to partner with Carro! 

Great designs sold at competitive prices makes it easy to sell products by Carro. An extensive supply chain keeps products available and ready for purchases to be made at any time. Drop shipping not only removes the costs of shipping and handling for travel between warehouses but also lowers the costs for the customers intending to purchase the product who will be more inclined to buy. The growth of Carro’s success can be shared and the doors are open for anyone who wants to join. If you’re interested in becoming a trusted partner with Carro, sign up here: