Who we are...

Our company started with a humble ceiling fan. Foshan Carro Electrical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008 and is located in the manufacturing capital of the world, Foshan City. In 2019 we introduced the Smart Fan, a ceiling fan that could be controlled through an app on your phone or a smart device like Alexa or Google Home, to name a few. Carro USA inc. was established as a subsidiary to sell as a separate brand based in Ontario, California. It since has become an award-winning smart technology-oriented company that offers a variety of innovative products necessary for experiencing a Smart Home.
A Smart Home is a home that relies on the automation of appliances or devices with electricity and WiFi. Home Automation has become a familiar concept among American households as more and more appliances and devices are manufactured to cater to busy, everyday life. The list of benefits is growing by the day, as more need for automated products are discovered.
What we do...
Carro USA is a technology oriented company that produces automated ceiling fans that can be controlled through remote or over WiFi using smart devices or the Carro Home app. We also make a Smart Switch adapter with a bonus ability to convert normal ceiling fans into smart fans. Carro has other lighting options as well available along with the ability to customize products to fit the aesthetics of any home. 
Our mission...
Our goal is to help people feel smart about their purchases and so we value the economical advantage that our smart fans have over traditional ceiling fans that use much more electricity than anticipated. The ability to control these fans and lighting over WiFi grants homeowners full control of their overall electricity usage. The focus of these products are about convenience and accessibility. Our company strives to make these automated products that deliver a sense of ease and comfort while allowing homeowners to feel in control of their home, even when they're away. Ultimately, to bring the best products to market so that everyone can have the chance to experience a smart home.