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You may have stumbled onto this page because you are curious on how to incorporate more industrial looks into your home, or maybe you want to understand what the meaning of industrial decor actually is or looks like? You have come to the right plac

Before we get into it, we should clarify what exactly makes decor look more industrial in the first place. Industrial design consists mostly of bare bricks, metals, and wood. Recycling materials and salvaged goods also make great additions to include in this theme of decor. Most items will be earning a second life with the new owner, who either doctors up the item or leaves as is. Some decor and furniture manufacturers have made it easy to purchase items that look used or old just in time for this industrial trend in decor. Here at Carro USA we have also included some industrial themes in our Smart Ceiling Fan collection and even our other lighting options. 

Bare bricks have many useful purposes in design. You can use them as a backsplash in the kitchen or base for the island. They make great accent walls in the living room or dining areas. If you ever decide to transition to a different style of decor later on down the road, bricks are easy to paint and can become a part of the new theme. 

Metals with matte or soft finishes can bring the deeper level of industrialization to your decor. You can use any type of metals in any aspect of furnishings, pendant lights, smart technology ceiling fans, lamps, or other types of tabletop or wall decor. Less is key, so keep the amount of table top or wall decor minimal to maintain the theme.

Wood that is upcycled or unfinished fits in well with this theme and wooden objects or furnishings can be easily found at garage sales or thrift stores. Choosing wooden tables or bar stools in this theme works well especially when paired with the brick and metals. You can find end tables or coffee tables that can be used in the living areas, and there are plenty of wooden figurines or frames that you can add to make things feel more lived in. 

Now that you have a better idea of what industrial design is and how you can incorporate it into your home. Shop our catalog for the items displayed here or click the images directly to take you straight to them. Happy designing!
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