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DC Motor vs AC Motor

A DC motor uses an internal array of magnets of opposing polarity. This creates a magnetic field that creates the torque required to rotate the motor's rotor. This process requires less electrical energy, translating into a 70% or greater reduction in power consumption over standard AC motors.

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At Carro USA Inc., we live and breathe with one focus: create smart technology to improve the quality and comfort of the home. For nearly 2 decades we’ve been dedicated to building exceptionally engineered and magnificently designed smart ceiling fans, smart switches, lighting products, and other home goods all devoted to improving home life. Our motto is that a “Smart Life Stays in Motion”, life is busy and with smart technology we can add conveniences that grant us more time to keep life moving.  


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Our competitive advantage is that we manufacture our products in our factory with our own proprietary technology which enables us to offer the cutting-edge technology products at greatly accessible prices. We supply to many local distributors and main online distributors. Interested? Send your inquiry to  


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Carro is a globally renowned company looking to expand its reach across the United States with its award winning Smart Fan Technology they designed and then had refined by customers during a Kickstarter campaign. A variety of Smart Ceiling Fans and more, Carro is fully equipped to stock your shop with high quality products to fit your customer’s needs at a price everyone can afford. On top of our promising inventory, we offer drop shipping in which we ship directly to your customers’ homes.


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