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The JASPER LED Crystal Light Bulb is a combination of crystal head and aluminum lamp cup. The crystal decorative light bulb was made by thousands of repeated processes of grinding and polishing to get this special shape, and it has such a sophisticated appearance. It is compatible with both E26 and E27 lamp holders. With 500 lumens and 3000K color temperature, it would create smooth vibe with comfort to eyes, without flicker or glare. And more than 80 CRI value, it will reveal objects true color. Our 5W bulb is energy-efficient, saving about 90% electricity bill. The product has a lifespan of about 26,000 hours and is expected to cost just $0.60 per year(3 hours of use each day). This crystal bulb can be widely used anywhere. Perfect for residential use and commercial settings. 

Main Features:
  • The standard light bulb base is widely used in households. 
  • Suitable for 2.5" 3" and 3.5" light bulb holders(holder not included). Easy Installation.
  • Fancy & Decorative Crystal bulb.
  • No strobe or flicker. These LED bulbs are not dimmable, please DO NOT connect it to dimmer switch.
  • Energy efficient. With a lifespan of 26000 hours, the bulb will serve you for over 9 years with cost of as little as $0.6/yr (based on 3 hours of use each day).
  • High CRI of 82, Light bulbs works down to -4°F.
  • 500 Lumens and 3000K Soft White light bulb creates cozy, relaxing and soothing vibe for homes, restaurants, hotels, and etc.
  • Approved by the ETL / CE / FCC / RoHS. 5 years Warranty.
Lighting Facts Per Bulb:
  • Brightness: 500 Lumens
    Estimated Yearly Energy Cost $0.6, based on 3hrs/day, 11kWh
    Cost depends on rates and use.
  • Life: Based on 3 hrs. /day / 27.4 years.
  • Light Appearance: Warm 3000K
  • Energy Used: 5 watts
  • Canopy Size/Crystal Size (Width Height): 3.1"x1.6"
  • Assembled Size (Width*Height): 3.1"x 5.1"
  • Material: Crystal / Metal
  • Wattage: 5W
  • Voltage (V):  AC86v-265v
  • Frequency (Hz): 50HZ/60HZ
  • Current (mA): 280
  • Power Factor: 0.5
  • Lamp Cup Material: Aluminum
  • *Lamp Holder: E26/E27 (Not Included).
Safety Instructions:
  • When installing the bulb, please turn off the power first, and then screw the crystal bulb into the socket.
  • When cleaning the crystal bulb, please turn off the power first, unscrew the bulb and wipe it with a dry and wet cloth.

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